We are cordially invite you to participate in the conference to be held in Sevastopol, Ukraine in June 23-30, 2013. We are planning to have plenary and section talks. The conference theses will be published before start of the conference. Talks recommended by the organizing committee will be published in the Ukrainian Mathematical Journal and Nonlinear Oscillation Journal.

Conference location

The conference will be held in the Sevastopol Institute of Banking.

  • 6, Parkova Str., 99057, Sevastopol, Ukraine.

Official languages

Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Conference organizers

Conference Program and Sections

Preliminary Program

  • June 23 — registration (12:00—20:00) and accomodation of participants.
  • June 24 — registration (8:00—10:00), opening of the conference (11:00), scientific reports, the conference dinner.
  • June 25—27 — scientific reports.
  • June 28 — the day of rest, short tours.
  • June 29 — scientific reports, closing of the conference.
  • June 30 — departure of participants.

The full Program of the Conference can be downloaded here.

Differential equations and nonlinear oscillations

  • Chairmen — M. O. Perestyuk, A. A. Boichuk.
  • Secretaries — A. V. Dvornyk, a.dvornyk@gmail.com ,
    V. A. Feruk, feruk.viktor@gmail.com

Theory of functions

  • Chairman — A. S. Romanyuk.
  • Secretary — S. Ya. Yanchenko, sergiy.yan@rambler.ru

Mathematical problems of mechanics

  • Chairmen — I. O. Lukovskiy.
  • Secretary — A. N. Timokha, atimokha@gmail.com

Mathematical modeling of economic, financial and insurance processes

  • Chairmen — O. M. Stanzhitsky.
  • Secretary — A. Bratochkina, abratochkina@gmail.com 

Stochastic differential equations

  • Chairman — A. A. Dorogovtsev, G. P. Butsan.
  • Secretary — A. V. Rudenko, arooden@gmail.com

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